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Getting started with a research repositoryThe why, the what, the how and the next steps

March 07, 2019

A guide for beginners who want to create their first research repository. Learn how to start and see what the outcome might be.
Product Update after a hot summerCapture user research with "Insights Snipper"

October 15, 2018

Capture user feedback with a new Chrome extension, use text snippets as evidence for your observations, enjoy a new help system, better privacy, and more.
How come that this has happened?Finding a minimum lovable solution for your users

October 04, 2018

Event storming is a cool technique for finding out what your software solution should do so that your users can reach their goals.
Your user research reading list (22)What we've been reading in week 22/2018

June 02, 2018

This is what we have been reading this week. Really interesting stuff about user research from various sources. We thought we should share this with you. Enjoy!
Let the users co-design the systemStarting our co-design experiment 2018

April 07, 2018

How we start to co-design our product together with our users – the early beginnings in 2018
Six year old boy worked as a UX designerHow a boy co-designed a possibly life-saving video

April 04, 2018

A boy who suffered from food allergy co-designed a video together with his mother, a video that could possibly save his life.
Affinity diagrams don't scaleWhy you should not use them after usability tests

March 08, 2018

Affinity diagramming is a good method for making sense of data. Not after a usability test, however. Save time and a lot of sticky notes with this modern method.
Product Update: News after a cold winterEvidence for your observations

February 27, 2018

New features in our app in February: Photo upload via Dropbox, observations backed by evidence, one free multi-study project in the trial version, and more. Discover the product that supports your UX research work!
Why people don't read UX research reportsand what you can do about it

October 16, 2017

People should read your carefully prepared UX research report, right? UX researchers, relax: This post shows you what to do when they don't!
Serena Dorrestijn on doing proper UX researchand why she often has to preach about it

September 15, 2017

Serena Dorrestijn, UX designer and researcher from the Netherlands, shares good ways to explain the importance of doing proper UX research.
Product Update: What's New From AugustNew features to get research insights faster

September 08, 2017

New features in our app in August: From studies, observations and themes to even better onboarding, and more. Discover the insights you need to succeed!
How to make sense of your UX research resultsOrganizing complexity and finding clarity in chaos

September 01, 2017

Make sense of pages of verbal transcript, hundreds of pictures and several hours of video footage that you have produced in your user research sessions.
Three superpowers for UX researchRegain your teams's energy, leaving the boring stuff to a machine

May 02, 2017

You want to boost your research team's performance? Three superpowers will help your UX research team to regain energy and find confidence in themselves.
Product Update: What's New From AprilWe provided features so that you can create outcomes

April 18, 2017

Here’s what’s new in our app in April, from projects, questions and tasks to slick onboarding, and more. Plan, manage and track UX research work easily.
How to do User Research step by stepPlan, recruit, study, evaluate

November 20, 2016

Step-by-step guide to plan user research, recruit participants, run the study & evaluate the results. Better product decisions informed by user feedback.
Five benefits of good user experienceInvestment in UX pays off – learn why

August 17, 2016

Good UX pays off. Learn what an investment in UX can bring your company in terms of brand loyalty, increased revenue and development speed.
A one page plan for your user interviewsSee clearly. Act easily.

August 11, 2016

User interviews need good planning. Learn how to prepare for a user interview and about the 5 steps you need to reach the right participants.
Video: A customer interview in 5 actsSee UX work in action

August 11, 2016

Seeing a customer interview can teach you a lot about how to do it properly. Watch a researcher interview a customer while she tests a prototype.

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