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Three superpowers for UX research

May 02, 2017

Three superpowers boost your UX research team's energy level

You want to boost your research team's performance? People on your team want to get rid of their limits and really enjoy their work? Three superpowers will help your UX research team to regain energy, create a pleasant working environment and find confidence in themselves. Here they are!


Unclear instructions and miscommunications are the cause of many problems at the average workplace. If a team member is unsure exactly what is required of them, they are likely to flounder and not complete the task to the correct standards.

By clarifying roles and responsibilities you are jumping the first hurdle to improving teamwork. Accountability for each task is placed with the most appropriate person, which helps to clarify conception, expectation and behavior of each different role.

Clarity is a superpower that enables #UXresearch teams to do their best.Tweet this

Clarifying the vision and the plan for your UX research project is the next important step. Every researcher on your team should have clarity about these questions:

  • What's the plan?
  • How do we get there?
  • How is work progressing?

Just Ask Users has three things that provide clarity to you: projects, questions and tasks.

A UX research project is a set of questions that your team needs to answer by doing user research work. The plan, i.e. what kind of work is to be done, materialises itself as tasks that the platform keeps directly related to the research questions. When all tasks related to a question are done, the question is answered and your team can proceed.

Just Ask Users also allows you to prioritise the tasks by sorting them with a simple drag and drop. Drag the more important tasks to the top and leave the others further down. Now, everyone on the team can see how they get to the planned goal.

Each task has a check mark for "done"-ness. Check it, it turns into a bright shining color, and everyone on the research team knows how work is progressing.

Now for the next superpower:


Do you hate status meetings? Meetings with the only purpose to see how everyone is doing? Or do you prefer lots of emails, asking your peers who is working on what and how the status is?

Don't do it. This time can usually be saved by using a platform like Just Ask Users.

On the platform, click on "My tasks" and you will instantly see what you have to do. Look at the other people's tasks, and you'll instantly see whether they are done, who is the assigned, responsible person and by which due date the task will be completed.

Unleash the second superpower of your #UXresearch team: Efficiency of communicationTweet this

Communication becomes streamlined as the whole team knows exactly the situation on any task, at any given point.

That's efficiency: A few mouse clicks will tell you more than dozens of email messages can, let alone long, boring status meetings in front of a slide projector.

And, to complete the picture, here is the third superpower for a UX research team:


Accountability means staying consistent with the team's goals. Your colleagues rely on you, they hold you accountable for the tasks that you've committed to do.

It's amazing how people feel more accountable when somebody knows about it. (Do you remember telling your friends and family about your New Year's resolutions and how you felt when someone reminded you about them?)

A platform like Just Ask Users helps the members of your #UXresearch team feel accountableTweet this

Just Ask Users enables team members to become sort of "accountability buddies" for each other. The platform achieves this because everyone can see who is responsible for which tasks and what next steps are still required in order to answer a certain research question. Just Ask Users encourages everyone on the team to do the research because they see how their peers push stuff forward and complete their tasks.

Empowering your UX research team

Clarity, efficiency and accountability are the three superpowers you need to re-energize your research team. Let a machine like Just Ask Users relieve you from the boring, mechanical stuff so that you and your team members have free brain capacity to focus on the the creative stuff that you enjoy!

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