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Add a participant to a study

Two ways to define participants

Participant information is stored in a project. You can add participants to the project and then use them within the studies of that same project. This means: Your study will work with the participants that you have used inside that study.

The other way to define participants is: Go into the study, add some participant. They will be used in that study and will also be added to the project at the same time so that you can use the same participants inside another study.

Adding a participant

To do it while in a project:

  1. Click the Participants menu in the sidebar
  2. Click New participant
  3. Enter the participant’s data. Only Full name and Preferred name are mandatory, email and phone are optional. You can use nicknames if you want to protect your participants’ privacy.
  4. Click Add participant or Add and close, depending on whether you want to enter one or several participants at the same time

To do it while in a study:

This works almost the same way as while in a project. There is one additional step: First, the system asks you whether you want to add a new participant or your want to re-use an existing participant. If you choose to add, everything works like above. If you choose to re-use, the system shows you the participants of the enclosing project and allows you to choose zero or more of those without having to re-enter them.

Why would I use the same participant in two studies?

Sometimes, it takes more than one study to really answer a research question. Example:

  • The question is “Why do so many people start the registration process but then stop?“. You might need one study to ask the users about it.
  • Then, you change the registration process and do another study: an A/B test with the old design versus the new design. This second study (the A/B test) would use the same participant as the first study, as well as some new people as a control group. After the second study, you will really know whether you’ve solved the problem or not.

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