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Discover recurring patterns

Finding a recurring pattern in your users’ behavior is a valuable insight. When you see that the users are frustrated when they use feature X of your product, you can decide to change feature X in order to make it more usable.

Patterns will help you in discussions with your stakeholders and teammates to make meaning of the possibly large number of notes. When a negative user experience occurs frequently enough, make it a pattern and decide to change your design accordingly.

Discover patterns

Once you’ve got the tags, you can find recurring patterns like this, from within a project:

  1. Click Analysis
  2. Click Patterns to get into the patterns explorer
  3. You will see your tags as if they were colorful balls, floating in outer space
  4. When a tag has been highlighted near another tag, the patterns explorer will show the two balls linked by a line
  5. Hover near a ball and Meaning Maker will display the name of the tag
  6. Left-click on a ball to rotate the universe around it
  7. Use the mouse wheel or middle-click the mouse to zoom the view
  8. Right-click to pan

When you see that some balls form a cluster, it means that the tags that they represent have ocurred as highlights, close to each other, in the notes. You may have found a pattern that you should discuss with your teammates and/or the stakeholders.

In that case, inspect the tag detail pages:

  1. Click back into the Tags tab
  2. Click on the tags that you noticed as part of a cluster in the Patterns view, before
  3. Read the highlights for those tags to judge whether you really have found a significant pattern.

About us

Our goal is to help companies improve their products.

We give you a tool that shortens the way from research to design decision: Collect evidence about your users’ behavior, make observations about it, mark the observations with tags and let the machine help your team discover recurring patterns. Grasp insights easily because you clearly see what bothers your users and what delights them.

We make it simple for product developers to get to testable new ideas, concepts, and products for their target market so that they can avoid dead ends and keep building products that their customers want.

Our tool helps to make UX findings transparent. The clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.

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