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Research questions to get your team going

A research question represents something that your team wants to learn, either about your users or about your product. (It’s not something that you want to ask your users directly, like a question in a user test. No, it’s a kind of objective or goal for your research).

Before you run a study, you and your team will want to clarify which questions you need to answer during the user studies.

In her book Build better products, engineer and UX designer Laura Klein has a nice exercise where she discusses some sample UX research questions like these, for a fictitious job listing website:

  • Can people successfully post a job using our new design?
  • What are the top problems computer programmers have when looking for a new job?
  • How do recruiters meet new computer programmers and how do they figure out if they fit the profile of a specific job?
  • Why do so many people start the registration process but then stop?
  • How many people register successfully and search for at least one job?
  • How often and at what times do people check their job listings?

Laura Klein puts these sample questions into categories:

  • Do you want to learn what users do (quantitative user research)? Or why they do it (qualitative user research)?
  • Do you want to understand the problems associated with the actual use of your product (product research)?
  • Are you looking for new ideas (generative research) or do you want to validate some of them (evaluative research)?
  • Can your question be answered in a single session (one-time study) or does it need a long time (longitudinal study)?

You can do this exercise with your team: Brainstorm with your team to find the important research questions that you have. Then, use Meaning Maker to create one or more studies to get your research questions answered.

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We make it simple for product developers to get to testable new ideas, concepts, and products for their target market so that they can avoid dead ends and keep building products that their customers want.

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