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Take research notes

Notes are where raw research data is stored. Depending the type of research you’re doing, a note could represent many things. A note could be:

  • Your hand-written notes from a customer interview
  • A transcript of an interview or a user testing session
  • Your research plan or runbook
  • something entirely different

Create a note

To create a note while in a study:

  1. Click Notes in the sidebar
  2. Click + New note

Organize your notes

Groups help you organize your notes with a simple drag and drop interface. If you’ve used Trello, Asana, or Jira Software, then you’ll find it familiar.

To create a group while in a study:

  1. Click Notes
  2. Click Plus (+) to create a new group

To rearrange notes or move notes between groups:

  1. Click and hold to lift up a note
  2. Drag the note to a new position
  3. Let go to drop the note

Editing notes

Meaning Maker’s editor is a rich text ‘WYSIWYG’ editor similar to Evernote, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. It supports common formatting options like headings, bold text, italic text, blockquotes, bullet lists, numbered lists, tables, and more. The toolbars help you to use those formatting options.

Inserting files into notes

To insert one or more files while in a note:

  1. Click the Insert Media icon in the editor toolbar
  2. Choose one or more files that you have uploaded into the same study, before
  3. Click Confirm to insert them at the current cursor position in the editor

Certain file types will have inline previews which will let you view or playback the file without needing to download it. These include:

  • Images – jpg, png, gif, and more.
  • Audio files – mp3, wav, ogg, and more.
  • Videos – mp4, mov, and more.

If a file does not have an inline preview (for example a PDF), you will need to open the file in your browser or download it to view its contents.

About us

Our goal is to help companies improve their products.

We give you a tool that shortens the way from research to design decision: Collect evidence about your users’ behavior, make observations about it, mark the observations with tags and let the machine help your team discover recurring patterns. Grasp insights easily because you clearly see what bothers your users and what delights them.

We make it simple for product developers to get to testable new ideas, concepts, and products for their target market so that they can avoid dead ends and keep building products that their customers want.

Our tool helps to make UX findings transparent. The clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.

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