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Product Update: What's New From April

April 18, 2017

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We make improvements to our UX research app "Just Ask Users" every single day.

But, it would be kind of annoying if we told you every single day about all of the new stuff we’re doing at Just Ask Users, so that’s what this post is all about: a recap at the end of the month to share with you all of the new bells and whistles in Just Ask Users.

OK, let’s get to it. Here’s what’s new in Just Ask Users for the month of April.

By the way, if you need a Just Ask Users account, you can get one right at the bottom of this blog post. It’s 100% free to start planning, managing and tracking your UX research projects.

Projects, Questions and Tasks in UX research

Let's begin with the table stakes:

Of course, your UX project (or your current Sprint) has a goal. As an example, you might want to reach new customers by enhancing the user experience of your app. Turn this goal into one or more assumptions:

Q: To reach new customers, what has to be true?
A: They have to trust our expertise. (That's the assumption!)

Q: How can we rephrase this as a question?
A: Will customers trust our expertise?

When you do UX research, you and your team will have to clarify those questions. We heard from you that big questions and unknowns can be discomforting, but you'll feel relieved to see them all listed in one place.

So, we added a place where you can enter all those big questions and break them down into manageable tasks to find the answers that you need. This place is called a project.

See what I mean? That's how easy it is to create a project: Just give it a name and a description and tell the system which team will work on the project (just in case you are a member of more than one team!).

Now, add your burning questions to your project and break them down into tasks. Pro Tip: You can use the ENTER key after the name of each task to create a new task. Then, hit the TAB key to jump to that task and edit it. On the right hand side of the screen, you can always see the details of each task. There is no SAVE button, everything is saved automatically as soon as you stop typing for more than a second.

When teams collaborate on a project, much time is wasted for repeatedly asking "What's going on? Who does what and when?"

We heard from you that you don't want to spend much time on this and that it should be easy and fast to find out who does what and when.

So, we added a nice UI to assign tasks to team members and to list all those tasks that are assigned to yourself, the logged-in user. Look here: Someone assigns a task to a colleague and gives it a desired due date:

We added a special view where you can see which tasks have been assigned to you. When you're done with one of them, just check them off by clicking on the check mark button.

Team-based Visibility of Information

UX work creates lots of information. Team members ask questions, break them down into tasks and work on the tasks (which creates even more information).

We heard a question from you: "Is my data secure? Who can see it?". The answer is quite simple: "You and the members of the same team, nobody else."

This is what we did: We designed the security mechanism in Just Ask Users such that a project and all its content (questions, tasks, etc.) belongs to exactly one team. One team can create more than one project but each project belongs to clearly one team.

So, when you invite a new member to a team, the new member can see and do everything that the same team(s) can see and do. The more teams you're a member of, the more you can see and do.

Ain't that easy to understand and remember? You bet.

A Few Other Quick Updates From April

  • We added the simplest possible UI to onboard new users. Three screens, and you're up and running with Just Ask Users.
  • We added a really simple possibility to invite your colleagues to a team in Just Ask Users.
  • We made Projects, Questions and Tasks FREE for everyone. And: We make sure they will ALWAYS be FREE because they are the basic building blocks of Just Ask Users.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello on chat at anytime.

P.S. You can get started with Meaning Maker for free today. Sign up here to get your account:

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