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Product Update: News after a cold winter

February 27, 2018

Wow, what's going on here?

We make improvements to our UX research app “Just Ask Users” and its flagship product “Insights” every single day. Over the winter, we have created new, exciting features to help UX researchers (i.e. you!) become more productive.

This is a product update at the end of February 2018 to share with you all of the exciting new features in Just Ask Users. In this blog post, we split them into new features, improved features, and detailed refinements. So, let's see what happened.

By the way, if you need a Just Ask Users account, you can get one right at the bottom of this blog post. It’s 100% free to start planning, managing and making sense of your UX research projects.

New: Participant lists

Each study can now have a list of participants – there is no need for Excel tables anymore! The project that contains the studies builds a list of all of those participants in one place so that you can choose to work with them again in a subsequent study. This will save you quite some time!

New: Evidence for observations

Have you run an in-context study recently? Did you take a lot of photos of what your participants do and how they work?

Great! You can now upload those photos into Insights and use them as evidence for your observations. Link your observations to the photographic evidence and you will always know what brought you to them.

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New: Automatic photo upload from Dropbox

If you allow Insights to look into a certain folder of your Dropbox, it will import the photos that it finds there. Insights will associate them automatically with the right project, study, participant, and researcher so that you can easily find the photos and use them as evidence for your studies.

On the screenshot, you can see a folder structure inside Dropbox. The subfolder names tell Insights which project, study, participant, and researcher those files belong to. Note the prefixes "PR", "ST", "RE", and "PA" for project, study, researcher, and participant.

Install the Dropbox app on your smartphone and upload the photos right after taking them. When you come home to your desk, Insights will already have them in store for you!

New: Annotating photos with observations

Click on a particular detail inside an uploaded photo (e.g. a particular tool or document that you have seen on your user's desk). Insights will create a marker in the photo and attach a new observation to it.

Write one or two sentences and explain what you have seen at that point in the photo. Tag that observation as usual so that you can filter and group the observations in order to find recurring themes.

New: One multi-study project in the free trial version

We've changed the payment rules to make a better difference between the free trial and the paid version of Insights. Now you can complete an entire project with many studies, completely free, with an unlimited number of observations and themes. Insights will ask you to pay only when you create a second project. This allows you to explore it completely until you get value from one entire research project.

Imagine: As a first study, run a survey on your website. Then, visit a number of respondents, live, at their workplace. That means, you run a contextual inquiry as for the second study. Derive themes from the observations of that study and do some design changes. A/B test those design changes in a third study, all within the same project, all for free.

Great, isn't it?

New: Sample project to see all features in action

We've created a sample project with three studies for you, with uploaded photos as evidence, with observations and themes so that you can see how everything fits nicely together in a real project. You can use this sample as a role model for your own projects.

New: Price will change from $27 to $47 a month

Because Insights has become so much stronger, we'll now raise the price from $27 to $47 per user per month. The price change will take place on March 31st. Until then, grab Insights at the old price for your team, now – you'll get a bargain if you act quickly.

Users have asked us: How do I get back from observations to the study where they were made, from a study to the surrounding project, and from a project to the team who made it?

We've added backlinks to the headline of the window so that you can easily navigate "up" in the hierarchy of things, now. Of course, if you prefer to go "back", not "up", the back button will work as it always did.

Improved: Login with Dropbox

Tired to remember your email and password? Login with Dropbox so that you can use your well-known Dropbox password to get into Insights, too! This will allow Insights to create and access one particular folder in your Dropbox. When you put photos into that folder, Insights can upload them (see above for that feature).

But even without any files: Use Dropbox as your password source.

Improved: Re-use previous questions and participants

We made it easier to add a question to a study: When you add a question, Insights will allow you to add a new one or re-use an existing one from the same project. This comes in handy when you run more than one study that will answer the same question.

Detail: Each observation now has an author

Insights now remembers you as the author of each new observation that you write. It displays the user's avatar image next to each newly created observation. That way, you can always ask your teammate who knows best about that observation.

Detail: Team view now shows the team's projects

When you click on the name of your team, you will see the members as usual. In addition to that, you can now see the projects that this team is working on and you can navigate inside them with a single click. This fits nicely with the backlink navigation mentioned above.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello on chat at any time.

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