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Product Update after a hot summer

October 15, 2018

Customer feedback is the new currency

We make improvements to our UX research app Insights every single day. Over the particularly hot summer 2018, we have created new, exciting features to help user researchers (i.e. you!) become more productive.

This is a product update at mid-October 2018 to share with you all of the exciting new features in Meaning Maker. The summer heat is over, so that we now have a cool head to categorize the news into new features, improved features, privacy-oriented features, and detailed refinements. Let’s see what happened.

By the way, if you need an Meaning Maker account, you can get one right at the bottom of this blog post. It’s 100% free to start planning, managing and making sense of your UX research projects.

New: Text snippets as evidence

Until now, you could enter “free-form” observations or you could back them up by photos as evidence. Since early October, you can now use snippets of text as evidence, too. This is useful to make sense of the following things, for example:

  • user or customer feedback from a ticket system
  • statements from stakeholder or user interviews
  • snippets of your competitor’s website copy
  • simply any text that you find on a web page

The text snippets that you capture are now displayed in a new “coverflow” style view where you can select text snippets or images quickly and easily using keyboard or mouse.

Once selected, you can enter observations for each piece of evidence, as a collaborative team effort. Each team member can mark portions of text, and Meaning Maker will display these in different colors, automatically.

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New “Insights Snipper” extension for Chrome

You don’t type the text snippets by hand but you capture them using our new Chrome extension called “Insights Snipper”. Select a piece of text from any website and click the snipper button. A small window will pop up, offering you to send the snippet to a certain study within a certain project, optionally associated with a certain participant.

This is an example from a chat with a prospect about the data (e.g. team name) that she enters during sign-up (her name was not really Jane Smith, of course). The chat took place in Drift (via the little chat icon that you see in the bottom right corner of the screen):

Customer feedback is the new currency

Select the project, study and/or participant and click “Send to Meaning Maker”. Then, continue to select the next snippet and repeat.

When you go back to your Meaning Maker project, later, you will see all the captured pieces of evidence in the “Evidence” view of your study.

Get this extension on the Chrome webstore.

New: Evidence overview as grid or as list

The UI for evidence offers you more choices. The grid view is better for images, the tabular view is better for text snippets.

This is the grid view:

Pieces of evidence, viewed as a grid

This is the list view. Choose to your heart’s desire:

Pieces of evidence, viewed as a list

New “method coach” recommends research and design methods

Every user researcher needs some inspiration from time to time. On our website, we have a new “method coach” that recommends research and design methods. You answer four simple questions about your preferences, and the automatic coach will recommend methods that you can use for your research project.

This is a screenshot of the new method coach. You can use it even without signing up for the app:

The new method coach

Interactive guides for new users

User feedback showed us that we need to make our system easier to understand, especially for new users whose workspace is still empty.

Meaning Maker now has a system of small interactive guides with mostly three to four simple steps. Meaning Maker displays these guides when they match your current dialogue situation. You can accept and learn more, or you can click the guide away using the “tomorrow” button. It will also re-appear upon your request when you click the question mark icon.

Interactive guides explain features

Privacy and GDPR compliance

We did this in May, of course. Just before the dealine for GDPR. :-)

We now ask for proper consent for data processing, accounts can now be cancelled without calling us, you can download your personal data and you can edit your user profile.

We also ask for consent to use analytics to learn from your behavior on our platform so that we can optimize the software to make it more usable or more interesting for you.

Asking for proper consent

Small improvements

Sometimes there’s a need for attention to detail:

Observations can now be added to top or bottom of list

Most of you wanted the latest observations to be at the top of the list. Some of you wanted them at the bottom. So, we made this a switchable option.

New, super-fast website

We switched from Wordpress to Gatsby, a static site generator that made our site blazing fast. The content is now distributed via several servers around the world so that you have the full surfing experience regardless of where you live.

New help system

For those of you who want to know exactly how a particular Meaning Maker feature works we’ve created our new help system. It is navigable by categories so that you will find the information that you need as fast as possible.


Every function now has a breadcrumbs navigation above the title of the interface. For example, if you’re in the evidence tab of a certain study within a project that belongs to a certain team, you’ll see all those “levels” and can click on them to navigate up in the hierarchy (from evidence to the study, project, or team level).

Bug fixes and performance optimizations

We do this every day so that you always have the best experience working with our tools. Should you encounter something that does not work as expected, please send an email to support@justaskusers.com

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello on chat at any time (click on the tiny chat icon at the bottom right of the screen).

P.S. You can get started with Meaning Maker for free today. Sign up here to get your account:

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