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Product Update: What's New From August

September 08, 2017

product update august 2017

We make improvements to our UX research app "Just Ask Users" every single day. Over the summer this year, we have created new, exciting features to help UX researchers (i.e. you!) to become more productive.

This is a recap at the end of August 2017 to share with you all of the exciting new features in Just Ask Users.

By the way, if you need a Just Ask Users account, you can get one at the bottom of this blog post. It’s 100% free to start planning, managing and making sense of your UX research projects.

Studies, Observations, and Themes in UX research

When you run a user study, the number of data points that result from your research grows quickly. We thought about how we could make software to help you get through this mountain of information and get to the findings you need to be successful.

With the new Meaning Maker module that we created in August, you can cut 50% of the time that you need to process the results from your studies. It allows you to create studies, collect the observations you make during those studies, then slice and dice the observations to find patterns and recurring themes.

You can tag every observation with #hashtags, just as you would do it on Twitter or other social networks:

See what happens in the screenshot above? The text that the researcher wrote for her your observation contains two hashtags. The system has detected them and assigned them to the observation.

As a researcher, you can group and filter your observations based on those tags. Suddenly, you will see patterns in the tags. You will see recurring themes emerge from your data. The computer stimulates your brain to make sense of the seemingly messy data. You see what you need to see to be successful.

The Meaning Maker module contains a really useful function for sense-making: The Theme Builder. It looks like this:

On the left, you see your observations, filtered by the tags. On the right, the Theme Builder helps you to configure the tag filters. In the example above, the Theme Builder has been used to configure a filter to see all observations where the user has moderate or severe problems with password strength.

You have three benefits from tagging and theme building:

  1. Tagging the observations helps you with the analysis of your findings.
  2. The Theme Builder greatly simplifies the synthesis of recurring themes.
  3. Analysis and synthesis will inspire you to have the insights you need to derive actionable design changes, later.

And that's what all researchers want: An easy and time-saving way from research via sense-making to an enhanced design which means a better and more desirable product for the users!

A Few Other Quick Updates From August

  • We changed the information architecture in order to make it easier to understand: We moved Tasks from Projects into Studies. Every task now belongs to a study, not to a project anymore.
  • We added an interface to Stripe, a secure payment service so that you can buy a subscription for Meaning Maker at a very affordable price for your team.
  • We wrote an onboarding email series that guides new users so that they reach the "point of success" sooner and more easily.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Come say hello on chat at any time.

P.S. You can get started with Meaning Maker for free today. Sign up here to get your account:

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