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Six year old boy worked as a UX designer

April 04, 2018

A boy who suffered from food allergy needed a well-known antihistamine medication that enabled people to save him in critical moments of his life. That product had instructions for use that took way too much time to understand. Watch how this boy and his mother co-designed a much better solution that could possibly save his life.

In this TEDX video, Dr. Joyce Lee makes the case for human-centered design and a patient-driven participatory approach to the creation of health. They are critical for transformation of our healthcare system.

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, is a pediatrician, diabetes specialist, and researcher at the University of Michigan. She is a patient-centered design evangelist and social media/technology enthusiast interested in the transformation of healthcare.

The amazing power of co-design with users

When I saw this video, I understood that in this case, not the doctors are the experts for a patient’s well-being but it’s the patient himself! The six-year-old boy could explain to the caregivers how to apply the medication – way better than the doctors could! This is because he knew exactly what people around him needed to do at a critical moment. He also knew exactly which instructions these people could understand, i.e. how the explanation of the medication had to look like to enable caregivers to act quickly.

So, it looks like the user of the product is the real expert, right? This must be true for our products, here at Just Ask Users, too!

Why not co-design our Meaning Maker product?

At Just Ask Users, we’re starting a new initiative. We will allow you, our valued users, to co-design the next features so that they fit your workflow like a hand in a glove. Why will this work better if we co-design Meaning Maker, together?

The methods applied in UX research today are complex and nuanced. Pieces of research evidence look different, depending on the method that you used to produce them. Workflows look different from one UX researcher to another.

The tool we can design for the observations you make during contextual inquiry might not be a good fit for those observations who come from a survey, or from a usability test. These are nuanced problems that are important to solve thoughtfully.

Complex problems demand our design process become more inclusive and generative. To design resonant, useful solutions, we need to rely on the expertise of the people who will use what we make. One of the approaches we’re using for this is to bring the people we design for (i.e. you!) into the design process itself.

Do you want to participate?

If you’re doing UX research as part of your daily work, we’d like to ask you to participate in the design of our product. Please sign up using the form below, and we’ll put you in touch with a small group of fellow UX researchers from around the world. We’ll have an exciting time together while designing the perfect tool for your UX research work.

I’ll explain more about the place, time, methods and tools that we will use to collaborate on the design so that will know what it means to be a co-designer for Meaning Maker.

Please sign up with this form

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